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          1. 年轻的母亲电
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            回复 Bronwen :



            回复 保尔·乌尔基霍·阿利霍 : 美国海军陆战队中士罗根提结束他第三期在伊拉克的战务后返回美国,身上带着一相信是保佑他在多场无情战得以幸存的幸运物,那是一生女子的照片。经过不断的打听之后,罗根终于知道她字─贝丝及她的住处,想要道谢的罗根于是出现在她的口,阴错阳差地在她家所经动物旅社工作。尽管她最初并不信任以及她颇为复杂的背景,他们俩仍不顾一切地恋情,罗根开始希望贝丝不能当他的幸运符,他更希望能尽一切力量保护这个日常中饱受威胁的女人? 



            回复 HenkHandloegten : The halves of two bodies, one belonging to a female Swedish politician, are discovered in the middle of the ?resund Bridge, which connects Copenhagen in Denmark with Malm? in Sweden. The body, cut in half at the waist, has been placed precisely on the border between the countries, thus falling under the jurisdiction of both the Danish and Swedish police agencies. After further examination, it turns out that the body is that of two separate corpses, with one half belonging to a Danish prostitute. Saga Norén, from the Swedish side, and Martin Rohde, from the Danish, lead the investigation to catch the murderer.[4][5]The investigation quickly escalates as a journalist, Daniel Ferbé, whose car was used in the crime, begins receiving phone calls. The caller, who becomes known as the "Truth Terrorist", claims to be committing his crimes in order to draw attention to various social problems. A social worker, Stefan Lindberg, whose sister becomes a victim of the Truth Terrorist, becomes an early suspect. However, events soon lead the Danish and Swedish teams to conclude that the killer has connections to the police. They discover that the crimes have been planned over a period of several years. The trail eventually leads them to Jens, a Danish policeman and former close friend of Martin's, who was thought to have committed suicide after an accident on the bridge caused the deaths of his wife and son.In the course of the investigation, Martin and Saga develop a close working relationship, although they are very different people. Martin has a twenty-year old son from his first marriage, August, who is now living with Martin and his current wife, Mette, by whom Martin has three children; after Martin has had a vasectomy, Mette discovers that she is expecting twins. Saga lives alone and does not seem to feel she needs a serious relationship, instead picking up men in bars for casual sex. She appears to have symptoms consistent with Asperger syndrome, resulting in difficulty establishing relationships and feelings of inadequacy in managing people; she refuses a promotion for this latter reason.After the killer has murdered several people and successfully thrown red herrings in the way of the investigation, his true purpose - to strike at Martin himself - eventually becomes clear. Jens, now calling himself Sebastian Sandstrod, first approaches Mette, who is susceptible to his advances, after learning that Martin has slept with Charlotte S?ringer, a woman who is peripherally involved in the investigation. Sebastian lures Mette and her children to a remote spot where he subjects them to a terrifying ordeal, locking them in with a room and giving her a hand grenade with its pin removed to hold as long as she can. However, Saga realises that August is the real target. The investigation culminates in a confrontation on the bridge, where she cannot help but tell Martin what happened to August and has to fire at him in order to prevent him destroying his career by killing Sebastian, the killer's final intention.



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